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Sim City Creator

Burn This City To The Ground

I can't think of a single reason to recommend SimCity Creator. If you like the SimCity series, the game is borderline sacrilegious. If you don't...well, I'm starting to understand why. This title starts with the framework of the classic '90s SimCity games, then falls face-first down the evolutionary ladder.

Players assume the position as mayor to create zones, build roads, and generally tend to the populace. You might think such an uncomplicated formula would be hard to screw up, but wait until you try it with motion controls. Placing roads is hopelessly broken, especially since the tiles don't snap to a grid. Sure, it lets you make curved roads (who cares?!), but at the expense of turning your little town into an ugly and asymmetrical aberration.

The rest of the game is equally uncooperative. With a terrible menu system and finicky camera controls, the game makes practically no effort to draw you in. If it controlled well, it might feel like a nostalgic homage to the old days – but it doesn't. The inclusion of features like hero buildings and various advisors can't reclaim any lost ground when the core gameplay is so cluttered and cumbersome. It's just pathetic – and that's coming from someone who enjoyed SimCity Societies!

Some games run into problems trying to be everything to everyone, but SimCity Creator suffers from the opposite affliction. It doesn't try to be anything to anyone. Well, that's one thing it does right.

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Second Opinion:


Here is yet another Wii title that exists for no other reason than to fill a perceived market niche on the system. SimCity Creator lacks a great deal of depth in comparison to the recent PC titles, and does little to make up for its failings. The awkward control scheme makes you long for the days of playing SimCity on your SNES, and new features like taking a helicopter ride over your city or the gimmicky ''hero buildings'' do little to add more than fleeting moments of interest to the terribly dull proceedings. If the Wii is the only gaming system you own (that includes prior generations of hardware) and you absolutely must play a SimCity game, then this might be worth the time. Everyone else, you have much better ways to scratch that urban planning itch.

User Reviews:

  • 6.75
    This Game is decent. It could always be better. I'm not saying I hate it. What made my rating go up is the destruction. You need a good mind to do good in this game. Enjoy it and destroy it.
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