let me start off by saying I’ve loved every silent hill game with the exception of 4 the room only because I’ve never played it.  This game is no exception; the game play was nothing like any of the older games. There are no monsters to fight no items to pick up (except some unused random items) and very few puzzles to solve. You start off by taking a psychological evaluation which changes the outcome of the game. Making multiple play through opportunities, but the lack of good solid game play will halter the ambition to play again for some time. The reason I rated it an 8 is because the story is very good I love a game with a good story and this has JUST that. The visuals are ok looks like a standard ps2 game. There is a nightmare world but in this it’s not bloody rusted wheelchair spewed schools its frozen solid everything. This nightmare world does have a few monsters but you can’t kill or attack them you can only throw them out of the way. As you advance through the game you periodically take more personality/psychological tests that change the section that you will be playing shortly. the story unravels at a good  pace which is what kept me playing tell the very end and possibly a second or third time just to see how it plays out if I do things differently.  To sum it up this is a good game for hard core fans of the series, but because of a completely new story, extreme changes in game play, and atmosphere I feel it will leave a lot of people disappointed.