I will start off by saying I am a big fan of the silent hill series and i must say even  tho the game has no fighting, and other stuff  the older games have, do not stop it from being a great game!

If you have played the first Silent hill and as everyone seems to think this game is a remake of the 1st one, let me tell you its not! The game is way different then the 1st one. You start off as Harry Mason on a trip with his daughter after a horrible crash Harry wakes up to find his daughter missing...You then assume control of Harry and wander around the town in search of his daughter, things soon go downhill and you find yourself chased by the faceless  monsters with nothing but a flashlite to guide you...oh! and a smart phone :) It takes really good pics too.

The "choices, you make" when visiting the doc  greatly affect the way your game progresses from awkward questions about your sex life, to coloring a picture of a house and happy family, yes these affect the game. The graphics of the game supprise me for the Wii they are very good. The voice acting is also very good.

The controls could have been made a little better but they work. Just shake off the monsters  and keep going. Your Smart phone is the best part of the game, Its used to save at anytime, solve puzzles, take pictures (for puzzles) and call random numbers around the town ( it wont work if you call your own number I tried.....).

Anyway If you are a fan of Silent Hill you will love this game its not perfect but its a great addition to the series. Have fun!