G.I was way too harsh on this game. It's not perfect but if you like survival horror games it's worth checking out. First it must be known that this game is extremly different from the original psone silent hill. It's a new dark journey featuring the main cast from the original. Harry is still looking for his daughter but how the story unfolds is mostly up to you. You get to take a psychological test that determines how your character behaves,what he wears and it's not just Harry. Other characters in the game change too depending on your exam answers. Hell even where you go, see and hear around you changes. The controls are great for a Wii game. Walk with nunchuck,aim flashlight with the Wiimote and you even get to use it as a phone to hear creepy messages. It's fun. Graphics are great and the characters show a nice amount of emotion in their faces. Now you have to be prepared for the big change in the formula which is you can't fight in the game at all, but you know what? It works. Running away from the monsters and glancing over your shoulder to see if they are catching up is cool and a little tense.Flares will keep the devils away but not for long so you have to keep moving and desperately trying to escape as you would in real life. Shaking them off is a bit annoying but it's not a game destroying thing.I think my only big dissapointment is that it's not scary at all which goes against the Silent Hill way of tormenting your mind. In the end it's a solid little game with lots of replay value so check it out