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  • Blog Post: Downpour really knew how to rain on the Silent Hill parade

    I strongly disagree with the Game Informer review. It was far too lenient. Yes, I loved the Silent Hill franchise- especially the first three- but I say this strictly in regards to it as a stand-alone game: It needed work. The graphics were barely decent. In every way, they felt dull and uninspired.... More
  • Blog Post: Review of Silent Hill: Downpour

    I may be extremely biased, but as a huge fan of past Silent Hill games I enjoyed Silent Hill: Downpour. I bought the game the day it was released and instantly regretted my decision in doing so. I completed it on normal difficulty in less than three days and still regretted paying $60 for it. I agree... More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Silent Hill: Downpour.

    Silent Hill has always had a rather large spot in my heart when it comes down to survival horror. With its lack of action, slow pace, eerie environments, and horrifying enemies, what’s not to love? Well, according to the majority of reviewers and fans over the past few years, there’s a lot... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill Downpour: An honest review from a fan

    Hello fellow survival horror friends and junkies, I'm going to be going out on a limb here and voicing my own modest opinion of the latest installment of the Silent Hill series: Silent Hill Downpour. I beat the game for the first time at around midnight last night and here are my thoughts. SUMMARY... More
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