Let me start by saying this, anyone who gives this game lower than a 6.75 is a true hater.

I can see why the Guru's at GameInformer gave it what it got, the graphics are dated, its real buggy, and story is convoluted, but lets face it, this is there first time doing a SH game and a survival horror, plus who better to make an adaptation of Silent Hill is what they did.

Lets face if it's not the original developers its not a true sequel in my book, and that goes for movies.

If a person who created an IP isn't attached to the product it's a remake, or adaptation.

Now thats goes without saying, if it is based from a book or graphical novel and told differently it's an adaptation as well, just like Harry Potter movies and Lord of The Rings, Even RoboCop 1 vs RoboCop2 vs RoboCop3, were they true sequels, Yes, to a fan boy, No, because it's a different re-telling. To honestly be a shot for shot remake like George RR Martin Fire and Ice series, since he is on set day-by-day as they shoot and produce his show, while he is there it's an original because he is working with the director to both achieve the same vision. Now if the creator of Silent Hill was in-house as they developed this title, than it would have been a true sequel, but its a re-telling of a whole new story, thats involved hand in hand with the Silent Hill games and movie, since through out the whole hame you get to see set pieces that were in Silent Hill 1,2,3 ,4 ,5,6,7 and the movie, since this would make 8th game in the series, I am pleased with what I got, I just wish there was co-op and better graphics.


Honestly this feels how the Evil Dead games should have been.

If you like Silent H. or survival horror you'll feel right at home with this title, just get it Walmart its only $50 there, they marked it down accidentally.