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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Screenshots

Book of Memories was originally supposed to release back in March alongside Silent Hill: Downpour and the Silent Hill HD Collection, but got pushed back a bit to October. Cooperative multiplayer is an odd direction for a series that prides itself on its ability to scare the hell out of someone sitting by themselves in a dark room with a controller in their hands. Silent Hill has always been an intentionally uncomfortable lonesome experience, but maybe playing with somebody else in the foggy vacation town is the reboot the series need.

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  • WayForward why do you punish yourself by taking on the most improbable of tasks - making a scary co-op TOP DOWN Silent Hill? While it's not impossible, I'd much rather you keep working on that Shantae for the WiiU you said you wanted to do.
  • This kinda looks a little weird for the series, doesn't looks creepy or bone chilling like previous titles.  But still might be a fun game.

  • i have mixed feeling about this, but i do think the silent hill series will get the love it deserves when the next gen systems come out.

  • YES will buy this fo sho

  • I have a feeling this is not gonna be good at all like the last two releases!

  • Just looks... wrong.

  • Wait what is this releasing on?

    EDIT: Never mind, the article's filed under Vita.
  • Not that I've ever played Silent Hill, but I'm wondering how that's Silent Hill.
  • Looks about like a strategy game too... 0_o

  • I don't have much faith in this game. The gameplay just doesn't seem to fit in with the Silent Hill brand. Even if this had nothing to do with Silent Hill, I still don't believe it would look any more appealing.  

  • ain't this gonna be like diablo

  • really, i don't like it. it looks like silent hill meets diablo. but, that's not what silent hill is. just, ugh.

    Still, i'll give it the same chance i've given to every silent hill game since i was let down with 3. not that it was a bad game, it's just that after 2... really, all you could do was go downhill. lol
  • I feel like Konami should just stop calling their horror games Silent Hill. "Evolve it" - just create a new horror franchise, say that they've moved on from Silent Hill. All the fans just hate everything different anyway - apparently, Silent Hill 2 was like Jesus Christ and Gold smashed together; nothing will ever live up to it (it's like all the annoying Bond fans who refused to acknowledge Nightfire and Everything or Nothing because they weren't GoldenEye).

    Konami should ring up Climax, or Amnesia developer Frictional, and say, "Make us a new horror IP". They clearly have the chops to make something that will put Silent Hill 2 to's just that all the fans will hate it if it actually says, "Silent Hill" anywhere on the box for being too different.

    As for Wayforward, and Book of Memories here, they're in the unenviable position of making something promising, that's way too different from previous Silent Hill. All it will be met with is hate.
  • The camera angle is what bothers me the most. Not sure if I'll even get this.

  • I'll try this game

  • Silent Hill? THE Silent Hill!

  • Hey, its Baldur's Hill!

  • Looks like Diablo. Ithink I'll check it out.