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  • Blog Post: No need to bail on this skater

    Skateboarding is all about taking chances. Considering that most people almost break their necks when they just step on a board, you have to appreciate the risks that skaters take doing the most routine actions. Shaun White had every opportunity to fall on its face; whether you compare it to EA’s... More
  • Blog Post: Bring Balance To New Harmony

    It’s an ambitious move to take on competitors in a well-established genre, more so when big-hitters like Skate 3 excel in their presentation and suite of features. Last year Tony Hawk Ride attempted to bring something new to the action-sports table by drastically changing the nature of play, and... More
  • Blog Post: A Look at Shaun's Brave New World

    Shaun White is moving over to video game skateboarding, but his fall title developed by Ubisoft Montreal is anything but another board with wheels. Unlike his snowboarding game, Shaun White skateboarding isn't just about giving you a bunch of challenges tied to locations. In fact, the development... More
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