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Shaun White Skateboarding

No need to bail on this skater

Skateboarding is all about taking chances. Considering that most people almost break their necks when they just step on a board, you have to appreciate the risks that skaters take doing the most routine actions. Shaun White had every opportunity to fall on its face; whether you compare it to EA’s Skate, the lackluster Shaun White Snowboarding franchise, or even the challenge of starting up a world full of player-crafted rails, but I’m glad that Ubisoft took a chance on this game.

I had fun with Shaun White, and that’s because the trick system works pretty well. I was surprised at the variety of tricks it pulls off with controls that are easier than Skate’s, but still require skill. It’s not as combo intensive or inventive as Skate, but Shaun White does deliver a payoff. Transforming the Ministry’s drab world with your tricks is one way to do it, but this change in the environment also occurs on another level. Sometimes I was having a hard time getting gold medals for a challenge, but by terra-forming the environment and creating a better skating line, I was able to post a better score. While it may seem cheap that you have to buy new tricks, I was spurred by the need to earn XP and liked reaping the reward.

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Second Opinion:


Shaun White Skateboarding seems to make a valiant effort to break the monotony with slick style and meaningful substance. The longer you ride the malleable rails of New Harmony, however, the more you’ll find that a unique terraforming mechanic and respectable trick roster do little to mask the vacancy of the city itself. Streets are filled with vapid NPCs that shout in the same voice, and support characters so offensively stereotypical that they are just blunt tools to further the feeble storyline. Cumbersome foot travel and the inability to jump often left me tricked into corners, and a minor slip from a massive rooftop grind would force me to backtrack across the district. I also encountered a number of technical frustrations ranging from texture pop-in to looping deaths caused by bad spawns. Every once in a while, when the city falls quiet and you find the perfect vert or rail, there is a superficial layer of fun to be had with Shaun White – the core skating mechanics work well enough. However, the hollow presentation and gameplay blemishes make it hard to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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  • 3.00
    Game design that is ripped from the Playstation 1 and N64 era. A schizophrenic control scheme that never defines how the game should be played. Mix in the most ironic and brain numbing story, BLAM you have a game that can easily be passed by with a Ollie or skateboard super powers. Developer: Ubisoft...
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