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More Than A Ball, Bat, And Bricks

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Fans of retro arcade games should have a blast with Shatter, a beautiful brick-breaking title with an impressive level of polish. Boasting 3D graphics across 10 unique worlds, the team at Sidhe set out to improve upon the basic “ball, bat, and bricks” mechanic laid by early pioneers.

Physics based gameplay adds a layer of complexity by throwing static playing fields out the window. Power-ups, special attacks and innovative boss battles also help put a twist on the classic formula. Players are given more control with the “suck and blow” mechanic, allowing them to pull/push the ball or bricks as need be. Bricks break into shards which can be collected to increase power reserves for your shield, or to save up for attacks like the powerful Shard Storm.

One of the more notable things about Shatter is its upbeat soundtrack, which grabbed the attention of IGF judges and scored Shatter a nomination in the audio department. The soundtrack features over 90 minutes of music created by artist Module in collaboration with Sidhe. Module describes the soundtrack as an eclectic mix of many genres, including Electro and Glam Rock.

Unlike many of its fellow nominees, Shatter is already on the market and is thriving with active leaderboards and trophies. You can check out the game yourself on PSN, and if smitten with the soundtrack, can purchase it here.

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Platform: PSN Release: Available Now Price: $7.99 Website: Link

  • Looks interesting but there's just too many games like that out there it seems.  I guess it's always nice to get a good twist to the brick breaking game though.

  • I actually kind of like these kinds of games.

  • Shatter is one of the best downloadable games on PSN and definitely doesn't feel like a brick breaking game knock off, but rather the next evolution of it.

    To me its like what Pac-Man Championship Edition did to that series.

    I give this game my official Shatterhand seal of approval.

    p.s. I didn't get my screen name from this game

  • Looks like a well set game on solid grounds with impresive looks and a good price tag.

  • I actually wanted to buy this. But it was either this, or Battlefield 1943.

  • This game looks like it would be extremely addicting. I never really gave it any thought on PSN, but after seeing the gameplay, I think I'll buy it.

  • Shatter has been one of my favorite fallback casual 'zone out' games for some time. It's fun, not too hard, not too easy.

  • awe it's only for PSN?

    this sucks so much

  • I'm half glad it's only for PSN. This looks like something I could get addicted to fast if I had it.

  • bleh only for psn? booooo

  • Im jealous of ps3 owners...