A group of ex-triple-A developers released a teaser trailer for an indie project that aims to change online multiplayer. The game, codenamed “Shards,” is a sandbox style RPG in development by Citadel Studios for PC.

Shards takes heavy inspiration from Ultima Online and will use an isometric view-point, similar to Diablo. Citadel Studios want the user experience to be high customizable, and its website states that Shards will have “unprecedented modding capabilities” as well as the ability to create and manage your own MMO.

Citadel Studios has assembled a team of developers with 40+ years of experience collectively developing triple-A online games and RPGs. A few titles the team has worked on include: Ultima Online, Warhammer Online, The Elder Scrolls, and Dark Age of Camelot.

Shards has been in development for about six months, and no timetable for release has been announced.