Shadows of the Damned is sort of a weird twisted dark game. Here is the basic idea, main protagonist Garcia Hotspurs (a demon hunter) girlfriend gets taken by Flemming, the demon lord if you will. He says he will take her to the city of the damned where he will kill her again, again, and again. Garcia has no choice but to chase down Flemming in the land of the damned to get his girlfriend back. Garcia;however, will not be traveling alone. Joining Garcia is his floating skull demon friend Johnson who can be used as a torch or a gun. Let me say that Garcia and Johnson are arguably the best pair in games with their funny comments that they throw back and forth.


The game play of Shadows is not that bad. It is like Resident Evil, but here is the thing you can walk and shoot, amazing I know right. The shooting is pretty fun, popping of head shots and taking off kneecaps are always rewarding. Movement can be a problem. For some reason it just feels to stiff. Walking is a small problem and the aiming can be a headache. I had to change the aiming on the pause menu because the aiming was too stiff. Once I changed it I was starting to do better however. The controls seem to work fine for me, but for some people it can be a problem.


The story to Shadows is kind of like a B movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, and I am a fan of Quentin. The story is full of funny jokes. I found myself dying of laughter during some of the parts of the game. One story mission has some Evil Dead references to it, which I thought was pretty silly. There is not much to write about the story because its simply about a demon hunter who loses his girlfriend and has to safe her from the demon god. He meets some friends along the way and kills demons while cracking some funny jokes. It is kind of a different story once you think about it.


The atmosphere in Shadows is a good one. Lets say that if you have ever read the Bible than this is not the Hell you are familiary with. Hell has bars, a library, lakes, woods, and even a red light district. Hell is not a place full of pain like the Bible tells you it is. Hell has a lot of interesting places to travel.


The boss fights can be a little rough due to the movement problems;however, they are not too bad. they are a bit lengthy, they require very limited thinking, they just have too do with patterns. The last boss fight is the best the game has to offer. The battle puts all of your skills that you have learned through out the game to the test. Some parts get a little frustrating and you wonder when are you going to finally kill your enemy.


Shadows is NOT a scary game, don't let anyone tell you that it is. It is a funny and fun game. Ammo is easy to find and so is health. It is not too much of a challenge, some parts;however, get a little frustrating. The puzzles are fairly easy, the movement is stiff, the story is different, and you will fall in love with the characters in the 7 to 8 hour long game. Despite its few problems Shadows is still a game that will live long in my memory. 8.5/10