I knew fate would have me give this one a shot at some time or another. I love Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and I thought Killer 7 was unique if nothing else. I think it's a safe bet that anyone who played this, and has experienced any of the titles credited to Suda, Mikami, and the score genius Yamaoka, would immediately be able to attach the individual parts to those names.

It plays almost identical to Resident Evil 4 and 5, but isn't quite as smooth feeling. Research tells me that has to do with the Unreal engine being a little sloppy. The big difference with this engine, is that the firing of weapons does not require a stand still and aim approach. The pacing is similar to the other over the shoulder games you know and love (Dead Space included), but there are some quirky levels that kind of throw the gamer off, or they did me anyways. Those levels include running from the invincible one hit demon, sniping swarming giants from a rooftop, and 2-D sidescrolling. Some of those made me jump on Google and search for other people who were also pissed off by such frustrating sections, in order to not feel alone. I found plenty. There are tons of boss encounters, and I enjoyed all of those, even though most of them are reduced to "shoot the weak spot". Also, weapon upgrades are pretty insane, but the game flows in a way that makes them all progressively useful.

The stage design and score are incredible. I've never seen such disgusting visuals, ever. Fleshy catacombs, baby dolls hanging from trees and pinned to walls, and Telletubby looking faces on doors that Garcia has to shove brains and strawberries in like a key. Yamaoka definitely stamped this with the sounds. Disturbing, unusual, and the occasional "That definitely sounds like Silent Hill" tracks. Save points come often, and sometimes too often because the game isn't too big on allowing for the gamer to backtrack if they accidentally go in a door that locks behind upon entry. Since there are tons of upgrade items, this can be a pain in the rear.

My biggest disappointment was to finish the game, and find out that it had no New Game+. Considering the story arch, it would have been PERFECT, but no. The story itself is like most have noted, very B-Movie ala From Dusk Til Dawn or Planet Terror. There's potty humor around most corners, tons of puns, and a strange draw to the male organs. This being said, it's still a disturbing game involving the death of a hot blonde girl like it's Groundhog's Day. She's ripped to shreds so many times, in such a variety of ways, that it;s almost impossible to not feel at least slightly horrified.

I wasn't disappointed with this one. Solid, quirky, creepy, original, but sometimes a bit too frustrating.