I like most people that read Game Informer, trust them completely with their reviews on games. Shadows of the Damned intrigued me every time I saw it, but I always had some other game i needed to finish first. Eventually I got around to picking up Shadows and it turned out to be one of the most interesting, different, spectacular games that I have played for Xbox 360.

           The story is much like every other "Demon Hunter" game ever made. Garcia Hotspur is on a mission to find his girlfriend Paula in the underworld after she is taken from his apartment by the leader of said underworld. Sound familiar? Of course it does but I assure you, the story will keep you engaged throughout the 10 hours of gameplay. Garcia is accompanied by the skull of a former demon named simply "Johnson" who also transforms into all of Garcia's weapons through the game.  The banter between Garcia and his flaming skull companion is some of the best that I have heard in recent years, It's foul-mouthed and has *** jokes all the way until the credits roll but somehow, it works.

           Gameplay is simple, real simple. There are about 4 weapons all of which can be upgraded at points in the game but the upgrades basically change the weapon so drastically that it becomes a new weapon all together. The gunplay is smooth and the variations in weapon types add to the excitement. If you can get a successful head shot with the first bullet, it puts the round in slow motion and you can watch it rip through the demons head as it explodes elegantly against the awesome backdrops of the game.

          The game is short, but so amazing that I played it in it's entirety 3 full times before I could muster up the courage to trade it, each time better than the last. Shadows of the Damned is a twisted adventure from Suda 51 and should be given the credit it deserves. I am an avid RPG, FPS gamer but Shadows kept me entertained for weeks. Do yourself a favor and pick up this game, it's truly a work of art and as immature and silly as it is at times, it will always keep you entertained.

Sean Lester