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Created by "Lockjaw Nightvision", this mod is one of many created for Shadowrun returns via their included editor and proof that investing in that level editor was an incredibly wise choice. The mod begins when you wake up in the slums and witness a murder you shouldn't have-a murder that gets pinned on you, hence that whole shouldn't have bit. From there, ya got your twists, ya got your turns, everything you could want from noir, cyberpunk writing.

Now to begin, lets talk about that writing. The writing in this mod is very solid, and if some might argue the dialogue is better in this one than the base game, I can't say they'd be wrong. Its all written in a pessimistic description, which fits the setting and story very well, as well as letting you be quite the jerk in conversation. That's actually one of my favorite parts in this game, because for almost everything you can say there is at least one sarcastic, nilhistic comment you can make at the ready, to oftentimes humorous effect. Its all very well written, and presents what its like to hang around the really bad side of town in this universe.

The story is pretty solid, and while the conclusion could have been stretched out a little more, its still engaging right up until the credits. Its actually pretty intriguing and it really captures what its like to work in an area rife with gangs and criminals. It hits the urban decay feel right on the head, and its a lot more adult in language and maybe even tone than the original game. Don't misinterpret that as constant gloom, but just a look at the reality of this crappy part of the world through the eyes of a kind of crappy person. It fits in with cyberpunk and noir very well, and its an involving story. 

Combat is....well honestly its a bit more of a mixed bag. The Shadowrun combat system is still pretty functional, and generally the enemy encounters are set well. However the mixed part is that the game is very, very hard, and I had to restart more than once, so I would advise considering kicking it down. Compounding that is the fact that you don't control your AI partners. I like this idea from a story standpoint-you are pretty at odds with some of these characters so not controlling them makes some sense-but this means that they need to rely on the Shadowrun AI. And that AI is sometimes incredibly stupid, moreso than a player, leading to frustrating death after frustrating death or restart due to other character stupidity. Its still workable, and I can appreciate some difficulty, but its just a bit too cranked up at the outset for my tastes without further warning.

Regarding saving and loading, unfortunately that's another part of the game that has issues. Now keep in mind that this mod was made before Harbrained schemes stopped taking stupid pills and at the time had no quicksave. In order to prevent this from screwing over players, he made almost every area autosave and load. However now that this game has quicksave, a feature that should never have been missing from the base game, these constant loading screens really slow down the pace of the game. Its hard to blame the modmaker for having to work with a horrible design decision though, but it is something you should be aware of. 


Ultimately there are a few criticisms to be had, bugs to be found, but overall this a very good mod and its free, so I would highly recommend getting it from your site of choice, steam or nexus. Its a very good mod and certainly worth a play.