Okay, all i have to say, is Checkpoints. this game, which is an rpg, where every choice makes a difference, is a checkpoint based game. if you die, you play through all the battles that you just played to get back to your place. you're saying, that this game deserves an 8.5 when it has a shoddy (yet stuffed in there) tutorial system, and NO CONTROL OVER SAVES? i mean, that alone is just JARRING. i almost couldnt believe it. my jaw dropped, "how can i not save right now?" i said aloud. the rest of the game is fun, pretty much the new tactical rpg system of the new XCOM, but with shadowrun pasted on it. I realize this is an indie company, but saves are *** important. Also, basing an entire game on the hopes that the community will come in and create stuff for them, after making what is essentially one littlebigplanet level, i feel like i bought an incomplete game, and judging by their kickstarter, it seems like they asked too little, or spent incorrectly. on a SCALE OF ONE THROUGH TEN, with Irritating Stick! being one, and Shadow of the Colossus being a 10, I give this game a 6. it's not bad, but they butcher what shadowrun used to be. Freaking awesome



 Also, be a LITTLE critical, okay? i mean, you just said this game is on around the same level in my mind as say, Tomba, or Breath of Fire 3, which is an egregious failure to correctly give a review of a game that was obviously made to play on someone's phone. Your reviews are fake, and so is your magazine.