Pretty much everything about Dragonfall is upgraded or enhanced from Shadowrun Return's 'Dead Man Switch' campaign. Shadowrun: Returns was really good in its own right, but got flak for certain things: Such as a fairly linear storyline, not a lot of side content and the lack of a save system beyond checkpoints and auto-saves. Dragonfall takes care of all of those issues by giving you plenty of interesting side missions to complete and a normal save system. Combat remains the same for the most part, although I personally felt it smoother, but that could of been because my overall enjoyment with it was higher than with Shadowrun: Returns. The story is quite a bit deeper, aided by the addition of a set team of runners that join you on your missions. You can still choose from a list of freelance party members, but running with the main group is much more satisfying. So if you liked Shadowrun: Returns but wanted a bit more depth out of the storyline and characters, Dragonfall is certainly for you.