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Prepare To Return To Castle Shadowgate This Summer

Shadowgate holds a special place in the hearts of many old-school gamers. The point-and-click adventure game was released on the Mac in 1987, and it eventually brought players into its dark world on a variety of other platforms, including the NES. Now, two of the game's original developers are bringing the game to contemporary audiences, with updated visuals and audio.

Karl Roelofs and Dave Marsh formed Zojoi and turned to Kickstarter in 2012 to revist Shadowgate, eventually raising more than $137,000.

“Dave and I are incredibly thrilled to be returning to Castle Shadowgate after all these years,” said Roelofs, design director at Zojoi. “When we created the MacVenture series, we knew we had something special on our hands – the initial response from gamers around the world was overwhelming! Shadowgate has remained near and dear to not only our hearts but to those who remember the haunting original, greatly evidenced by the support our Kickstarter campaign generated. The past few years we have been hard at work re-building and updating the Shadowgate experience and cannot wait to inspire, challenge, and terrify an entire new generation of players.”

You can see how they're coming along in the trailer below.

Look for Shadowgate to hit PC, Mac, Android, and iOS this summer.

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  • Nice.Think ill break out the NES trilogy later this week

  • The updated visuals are looking really good. It's been years, since I've last played this game.

  • Loved the NES version of this game growing up. I will definitely be picking this up.

  • The Dark Souls of its' era.

    Amazing, the difference in cost between producing this and Destiny!

  • I'll definitely be checking this out!

  • Cool! Hopefully this is successful enough for them to make a new Uninvited and Deja Vu as well.
  • WHAT?! oh wow. this is exciting! i still have my original shadowgate NES cartridge.

  • Throws money at screen...

    game still not there throws nes at screen in offering to shadowgate gods....

    throws first born...

    Dang you gameinformer i already had an quite a backlog this will suck my life away!

  • Sweet! Looking good.

  • a dream come true!

    i played the NES Shadowgate about 7 years ago for the first time. that with an ounce of weed concluded in a fantastic time.

  • What made Shadowgate a classic was more than just standard puzzle solving; for me it was the first one that made me think outside the box. Like many others as a kid, I threw that cartridge out of frustration more times than one should, but I swear it was magical as the thing never broke once. It was like I could pop it in after throwing it off a cliff and it would still turn on to taunt me. The music was enough to drive you nuts and make you frantic if you were too slow to figure it out being down to one last torch, speeding up background noises until you eventually hit your inevitable death.

    With that, it was also the first awesome game to let me commit suicide that I played, mixing up potions in attempt to drinking them to see if I could make myself stronger. The first time doing so, unaware that suicide was an option, after seeing myself choking on my own vomit I couldn't wait to kill my character after that using: swords and other melee weapons, traps and beasts.

    Recapturing the humour, the use of imagination or the magic of exploration while retaining the same click adventure is going to be a tough task. Don't rely on the game looking better to be enough. Keep the problem solving tough, but fresh: try to avoid stale over used themes. I myself would like to see another hidden gem in this game, and maybe the same toughness when I get aggravated enough to want to throw something else.

  • This loos good: ). I never played the original, but Im interested. I also wish there were more dark fantasy games like this. Dark Souls and a few more games on the horizon look to be good dark fantasies, but i feel it is an underutilized genre. Although i dare say i don't want the genre to become overused either : ).

  • I was only born in 96 and this looks awesome, I'll have to remember this.

  • YES - still remember the music from the NES version.

  • Played it on the NES.

    Even though it didn't have moving graphics it still scared me...but then again, I was a kid.

    Will have to check out this version once it comes out.