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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

This Classic 3D Realms Shooter Got A New Coat Of Paint

Earlier this year, 3D Realms' shooter Shadow Warrior was made available for free on Steam. Now the remastered version is here.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux improves on the visuals and soundtrack of the 1997 FPS and includes two expansion packs: Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon. It also comes with Steam achievements and the original Shadow Warrior game. Check out the trailer and screens below for – what else? – tons of carnage.

Developer Flying Wild Hog is working on a modern Shadow Warrior reboot, though it’s removing the “more negative things” from the game. Our E3 preview can fill you in on Lo Wang’s latest adventure.

  • i really hope that the remake is good enough to knock some sense into people, and let them know what a real fps game is suppose to be like.
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    I remember this game just a tad, I was more of a Doom & Quake gamer and skipped over Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior, though I played a bit of SW before.  I think it's a ripoff to ask for $10 for mostly achievements.  i have the free version on Steam and i never ran into a problem or really heard a big storm of complaints.  Just seems they're priming this for the buzz of the new Shadow Warrior game.

  • My back-catalog of Steam games is already too large...

  • Isn't this that really rascist Duke Nukem-like game?
  • This game is classic!  Highly recommend.  Remaking it successfully is a tall order for sure.

  • I'm going to download the free version on Steam.

  • Heard about this earlyer..will probably play it..I mean its free.

  • Picked this up for free, and it's much harder than Duke Nukem 3D. Also much more offensive. So if you like that, pay $15?

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  • that's badass. use to love this game back in the day.

  • Hope the remake stars Lo Wangs cousin, Hung Lo
  • I guess I gotta give this a try. I got to try out the demo for the remake at RTX this weekend and it wasn't bad. It could use some fine tuning still but all in all I enjoyed my time with it.

  • Awesome! I hope to see another low-brow FPS classic Redneck Rampage get a similar HD treatment. Both Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage are still much more entertaining than the Postal series when it borders around being offensive.
  • Wow, I've never heard of this but I am buying it right after watching that video. I really hope there is actual level design (as in places to go and things to do), secret weapons and the ability to hold more then two. But maybe I am letting the obvious visual similarities to Duke Nuken cloud my sight. We'll see.

  • Such a fun game, I can't believe I played this 15 years ago, definitely check this out if you haven't played it and are a fan of the golden age of PC gaming

  • Yay! I though Id never get to play this game again!

  • Never played this but a friend swooned when he heard the  news, so it must be good.