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Shadow Warrior

Slicing And Dicing To Stan Bush's "You've Got The Touch"

Flying Wild Hog, developer of PC shooter Hard Reset, shows off sword and gun play in Shadow Warrior’s launch trailer. The game launches on PC today, and aims for old-school shooter enthusiasts.

Shadow Warrior is a single-player, first-person shooter where you can stylishly blast away your enemies with guns or slice them up with your katana. According to the video, katana enthusiast Lo Wang (the game's protagonist) gave Shadow Warrior, “five shurikens.” 

Check out some katana-wielding fun in the launch trailer below, and pay attention to the reputable quotes from Stan Bush and Superlative Jeff. For more information and trailers check out our Shadow Warrior previews here and here

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  • This game looks like a crazy good time. I'm picking this one up for sure on Steam.

  • Love the quote from Stan Bush, hahaha.

  • Brb, gonna go watch Transformers. And buy this game.

  • Woah! That Reiner in the pic above? Looks like he's yelling at Dan again during a Replay. . . :P
  • I want this game... Stupid PC...

  • If its as good as it looks it will eventually come to consoles. Here is hoping to see this on the PSN at some point. If not then I will see if my old ass alienware can handle it. It handled Witcher 2 on High settings (not ultra).

  • That was one of the greatest trailers ever. I need this game.