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Shadow Warrior

New Shadow Warrior Trailer Announces September Release Date

Shadow Warrior, the upcoming entry to the over-the-top, thought forgotten, first-person shooter series, is coming in September.

The game will release on September 26 for PC thorough a number of download outlets like Steam and

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below. For more on Shadow Warrior, check out our hands-on time with the game at E3.

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  • Finally, Shadow Warrior!!!!

  • THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!! AND INSANE!!! Then again, Hotline Miami looked just as crazy.

  • This game is insane. I like it.

  • Yeah why not

  • ummm.. yes!!!!! thank you!!!

  • Holy crap. I didn't think anyone remembered this game. I played it when I was in middle school or something, millions of years ago. Despite complaints, I did have some silly fun with the new Duke Nukem, so I'm sure I'll enjoy another Shadow Warrior as long as they keep the spirit of the game intact. And that sweet sword! "Are those t*ts real?"

  • Total Biscuit was playing the beta and orgasming over it so count me in.
  • First thing I hear said in the trailer, "You got Wang."

    I have to admit I chuckled.

    Then I saw the incredibly bloody over-the-top action.

    Holy crap!

    And then the last line of the trailer caused me to laugh again.

    I think I may be getting this one.

  • Watched Jesse Cox play this on Youtube recently - slicing dudes into gibs looks ridiculously fun. I mean... "over-the-top" doesn't begin to do it justice. Seeing that crazy, cartoonish, silly ultra violence should sell anyone on this game immediately.

    And may I say, bravo to Devolver and Wild Hog. After Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever, I was convinced that shooters trying to be "edgy" and "funny" end up just being off-putting and offensively stupid. But from what I saw of Shadow Warrior, it actually shows a lot of restraint and is just goofy. A massive step up from the racist nonsense from the original, and the stupid nonsense from recent "funny" shooters. The very first moments of the game have Lo singing along to Stan Bush in his fancy car!

    This game looks rad.

  • This game looks amazing. I think I'll actually purchase this one new(breaking my oath to not buy anymore new games to get next generation consoles).

  • No... Just no... That, my dear ladies and gentlemen, is not Lo Wagn

  • Looks alright I suppose...

  • holy dang...I mean Wang.

    I want this for next gens so bad =[