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Shadow Warrior

Devolver Digital Brings Lo Wang Back In Reboot

As the shooter genre trends toward realism, there has been a growing demand for old-school titles like Serious Sam and the upcoming Rise of the Triad reboot. Devolver Digital (known for Hotline Miami and the aforementioned Serious Sam series), is updating another classic game for a contemporary audience.

Shadow Warrior was a 3D Realms game from the late 90s that put an emphasis on melee combat and humor. It was also known for its offensive characterization of Asian culture. One of the first things that Devolver Digital's Nigel Lowrie told us is that the inappropriate material isn't going to be included.

"We're keeping the humor and sharp wit," Lowrie said. "But we've removed the more negative things that have no place in our game."

From a visual perspective, developer Flying Wild Hog is hard at work to create a colorful backdrop with pink cherry blossoms, babbling brooks, and snow-covered mountains. The idea is to create a stark contrast to the post-apocalyptic, urban shooters to which we've grown accustomed. 

One of the big draws of Shadow Warrior is Lo Wang's use of the katana. The blade is more important than melee weapons typically are in first-person shooters. The way players hold the sword will determine the type of swing. Location based damage will cause limbs to fly and heads to roll. 

Combos, executed with a series of button presses followed by an attack, are important to keeping Lo Wang on his feet. The one that was described to us is a 360 degree attack that, when surrounded, allows Lo Wang to remove the heads from a number of foes all at once. 

Right now, players should expect a narratively-rich single-player experience. The team at Flying Wild Hog is focused on the solo experience right now, and weren't ready to talk definitively about whether multiplayer will be included. Shadow Warrior is coming later this year to PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.

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  • OMG take my money now!@! Just DON'T change his one liners or voice, that was the best part lol. Loved that game back in the day. Whooooo wanta some wang????
  • If a title of a game has my name in it then its already a good game. Lol
  • I was just thinking about this game the other day thinking if they would reboot it!  This is interesting news.  It was just another Duke Nukem clone, but it had it's own charm.

  • I like the Asian setting,never heard of the IP though.

  • Oh man, hell yes. Love Shadow Warrior. Can't wait for this.

  • Man, I hope this is good and is the beginning of a return of the old school shooters. I really want Blood to make a comeback.
  • Never played the original, but I'm up for a first person game with a heavy emphasis on melee combat.
  • wow shadow warrior. i won't have thought in a million years this would get another game. well hell yeah. hope it's great.
  • Realistic shooters are boring as f***. I'm thrilled to see a colorful, exciting shooter taking it's cues from older school games (I'm pumped for Rise of the Triad too). But I'm super worried about the tone of this thing. Getting rid of the offensive stuff sounds great, but "maintaining the humor"? That could mean anything. The guys who made Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever thought their games were funny, when really, they were so stupid as to be off-putting. So here's hoping Devolver is smarter than People Can Fly and Gearbox in that regard.

    Here's hoping the console versions utilize motion controls for the sword stuff though. Red Steel 2 showed how to get that kind of thing done, and it would be a massive shame to see NO ONE follow through on Ubi Soft's example ever again...

    Nail the tone and this could be awesome. So I'm crossing my fingers!
  • Never heard even the slightest thing about this before, but the screens make it look really intriguing.

  • Finally I can live out the Kill Bill fantasies I've been having for a while...

  • Hah, I remember this was my roommates favorite game when it came out. Personally I'm more excited about Rise of the Triad but I'll have to check this out too.

  • Who wants some Wang?

  • This is one reboot I was not expecting. I'm extremely happy about this. So many memories playing through this with one of my friends.

  • The original was a GREAT game.

  • I will watch this closely. I loved the original game and although I agree with removing some of the more offensive humor they'll have to step up their humor in other areas to balance it out. I am a huge fan of the original and would be more than extremely pleased to see a successful reboot of the series.

  • That's interesting...
  • I hope it doesn't turn into another Duke Nukem reboot, that would be unfortunate.
  • Freaky. . .

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