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DrinkBox Studios Announces Severed

DrinkBox Studios – makers of Guacamelee! and About a Blob – has announced its new project for spring 2015 : A first-person title called Severed.

The game features gesture-based combat and environmental interaction. The story revolves around a heroine navigating an unusual world filled with secrets (why did she wake up missing an arm), enemies, and dungeons, and all this can be tackled in a non-linear fashion.

DrinkBox Studios hasn't officially named platforms for Severed, although Destructoid reports that it will hit mobile platforms and that the studio is open to putting the game on any system that supports motion or touch controls.

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  • Really like the art style.

  • The name of this article scared me. I thought you meant their new game was severed and not coming out. This sounds interesting

  • Reminiscent of Skyward Sword and Okami in terms of gameplay...definitely going to keep this on my radar..

  • It looks okay, but it'll be another mobile title I skip. Mobile games just don't do it for me.
  • I adored Guacamelee and DrinkBox's art direction, but I can't get with a touch based mobile game.
  • I have not played any of their games, but I'll be following this one closely. Also, headphone users beware, lol.

  • Interesting. I do like the art style. But I tend to stay away from mobile games. I may make an exception since I love DrinkBox.

  • Motion controls, it has to come to the One right? That's what I thought this would come out for when I saw gesture based combat.

  • I have no idea what's going on in this video but boy is it a pleasure to watch.
  • Looks trippy and awesome, but I've never seen that combat system pulled off well. Never.

  • The music was darn kewl.
  • Jeez that art is awesome

  • So the next IP from Drink Box Studios aye and it's a gesture based game this sounds very intriguing indeed. Another remarkable indie studio gotta luv the indie studios there outta sight!!!!!!

  • I loved Guacamelee so I will get this for sure!