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  • Scribblenauts review

    My experience with scribble nauts was both amusing and frustrating. When i played Scibblenauts i found my self making the game last for weeks by trying to beat the levels in the hardest way that i could. Every move i made was strategic, I made the game... More
  • Needs some work

    Awesome concept but the controls needed some work. alot of the missions are hard to do but the most fun is just messing around on the title screen More

    GREAT game trust me. you can call in anything you like set it up and mess around fro ever. AND THATS JUST THE MAIN MENU!!!!! GO BUY IT NOW ONLY BAD THING IS SOMETIMES CONTROLS More
  • Good besides controls

    This game is perfect besides the controls. That graphics do need an upside but the gameplay is good. More
  • Slighted Controls Slightly Damage Creativity

    As an aspiring writer, I purchased this game to test my creativity. And tested I was. Scribblenauts proves to be an intriguing action/puzzler. The many ways to play, the endless solutions, the title screen, everything in Scribblenauts is on the puzzle... More
  • Scribblenauts

    Great Game, i love it !! More
  • unperfect mix of greatness

    everything about the game is great, and I notices no BIG problem (other than the controls). tip: YO, I've finally created the hardest level EVER!!! If you wanna make it, follow this, and I'd like to see who can beat it. 1. go to level creator... More
  • Endless Gaming Posibilities with Scribblenauts

    V ideo games have always strived to be the only medium geared towards creative expression from their user. The action being watched on screen is a result of the direct input from the player, hence the name "interactive entertainment." However... More
  • I Want To Be A Scribblenaut, But I Just Die Too Often

    Scribblenauts is a game you want to love so badly, but inevitably you come to hate. The concept is so original and genius and the art style is so cute and cool that you immediately fall in love; however, once you begin playing the game you find yourself... More
  • A Quick Note

    S cribblenauts has good intentions, but everything else in done in vain. The concept of writing nearly any noun on paper and having it appear in front of you is amazing, but it feels like the rest of the game feels like it was made in a few days. First... More
  • The Scribblings of a Madman

    Every year there is a game at E3 that gets the world buzzing. Normally it's some sort of quirky, offbeat adventure from a little-known publisher whose creative ideas or groundbreaking gameplay mechanics rewrite the rules of a genre and make us rethink... More
  • To Scribble or to Scribblenaut? That is the question.

    13 1
    From the "Best Original Game" award at E3 to the incredibly positive fan reception afterward, the general hype surrounding 5th Cell's Scribblenauts continued to build and build right up until its release. I, too, was pumped about the game... More
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