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Where's The Twisted Metal D:

why is there still no making of a twisted metal 5 or some other sub-title? just all these racing replicas of it? the psn downloads are a little....well boring after hours of playing them, i wanna see a story plot like the one Black offered us.....any news on when a ps3 TM is gonna start being developed?

oh well i digress, this game still looks enjoyable....as long as you get to blow up the other player's i'm game...though racing gets dried up fast...

  • Apparently, David Jaffe dropped a lot of hints about Twisted Metal PS3 in the last PS2 entry.  There is hope, right?

  • So you admit you're rating this game not based on this game, but based on the fact that you're mad it's not TM5. Despite the similar name and the fact that you have weapons, this game is not and doesn't try to be a knock off of Twisted Metal; it's inspired by and in the mold of games that predate TM by at least a decade, such as the top-down versions of Off-Road, Rock and Roll Racing, and other such top-down racers, with or without weapons. Twisted Metal was not a racing game, Scrap Metal is. Furthermore the vehicles in Scrap Metal are not of the "whacky" variety (they're too boring, if anything).

  • i loved twisted metal, only time will tell if the franchise will come back but I think GI hinted that their return is prominent.

  • why do people, including the "proffesional" game reviewer (who gets paid to review games) keep comparing this game to twisted metal? It's not twisted metal, that shouldn't be a bad thing, it seems like this games quality is being based solely on the fact that it's not twisted metal