If you're looking for a current-gen, high quality 2D brawler that isn't Castle Crashers, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal than Scott Pilgrim. Each of the playable characters have unique move sets that are both easy to use and beautiful to watch, and the enemies you face(from the lowliest of Canadian street punks to each of the cleverly-designed bosses) are highly varied and extremely memorable. If you're not familiar with the source material, don't sweat it; the story in the game is minimal, with simple one-frame cutscenes between levels. For those that are familiar with it, there are plenty of nods to the comics(not to mention classic games) throughout the levels that will make your inner nerd squeal with delight. The light RPG elements add plenty of replay value, and hidden game modes and some cool DLC are icing on one fantastic retro-cake. All that said, certain boss battles can be a bit frustrating the first time around(you may want to outfit a wrist-strap to your controller), and lack of online co-op is beyond disappointing.