I'm a pretty big fan of the Scott Pilgrim series. I've read the books, and watched the movie probably more times than anyone should. So, of course, I bought the Xbox Live Arcade version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.    

 The game begins with you selecting a character. You can choose from Scott Pilgrim, Kim, Ramona,  Steven Stills, or Knives Chau if you have the downloadable content. Then the game drops you into Scott Pilgrim's world with only two objectives.                                                                                                                               

1. Defeat the seven evil exes.  2. Kick alot of butt.

Gameplay wise you wouldn't think that it's that complicated. The game plays out like an old school brawler, but when you level up you get combos and special moves that greatly add to the game. Also, try playing the game with other people. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World doesn't have online support, so bring a friend over and the game will more than likely double in fun. [PageBreak]

 Visual wise is eyecandy for anyone who loves 8-bit games, and it looks like the game was ripped straight out of the comics. It also has some comedy reminiscent of the books. I won't spoil it, but there's a great Guitar Hero part on evil ex #3.

All in all, this game is great. Great visuals, great music, and great gameplay.  The one thing about this game thats bad is no online support. I would give it a greater score if it had online capabilities, but as the way it stands, its not happening. I think everyone needs to try out the trial version at least. It's a pretty awesome game, and I'm sure fans of the book will fall in love with it.