This summer, two films hit me harder than most films have in a single year. Inception, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I remember I read the very first graphic novel before seeing the film, then I saw the movie, then I read the other 5 novels. Scott Pilgrim is now as central to my life as Star Wars is. It's that good!

Then came a gift of a Ramon plush doll and finally, the Scott Pilgrim game from Ubisoft. I first assumed it was PS3 only but I recently found it in the XBLA. The cycle is complete.


SPvTW is a very simple side scrolling brawler. Kick, punch, it's all in the mind. The diversity doesn't fall into the controls but more into the structure of the game. I must make a huge note, THIS GAME IS BETTER IF YOU HAVE READ THE NOVELS OR SEEN THE MOVIE. If you have not done either, do not buy this game. You just won't get it.

Back to the topic, the game is unique in the way that each enemy must be defeated in their own way. Special moves and combos greatly add to your chances of success as the game can get difficult even on the easiest setting. You level up from defeating enemies and buying items from the various stores displayed (or hidden) throughout the game. New levels unlock new moves to pummel your foes to pixelated death with. It's always great when a developer takes a simple concept and breathes new life into it a la Castle Crashers.

The game features 4 playable characters and more to unlock. You can play as Scott, Ramona, Stephen, or Knives Chau. Each character has their own unique moves, but here comes the tricky part. There is no online multiplayer. Why this feature was left out can simply come down to not having enough time to get it in before the movie is released. Me personally, my 360 is in my room and I rarely have 3 other people in it. It's just my personal choice of not liking people in my room. So I will never enjoy this game the way it was meant to be played unless it was online. I would honestly give this game a 10/10 if it wasn't for this butterface feature.


This is where stuff gets good. The artwork in SPvTW was done by a Mr. Paul Robertson. YouTube him. Now. This guy is on the forefront of sprite animation and it's honestly shocking that his work hasn't been in a game before. This game is GORGEOUS. It's a visual treat to the eyes, especially in HD. Despite AAA titles this year having incredible million pixels visuals, it's this game that had me floored the most. It follows in the footsteps of the latest Mega Man games from Capcom and keeps the 2D sprite work alive. I salute the art team at Ubisoft behind this game. You guys did a wonderful job.


Here's where it might get even better. This game features what is possibly the best original soundtrack I've heard in YEARS! The music is straight out of 16bit games of the 90's and it sounds oh so wonderful. I can say that I went to bed after playing this game and the tunes looped and looped in my head all night. And I never got sick of it. I would love to purchase the soundtrack if it is or becomes available.


I can tell from the movie, to the game, to the music, the artwork. Anyone who was offered a job to work on something SP related definitely put their heart and soul into it, no matter how small the task. For some reason, Bryan Lee O'Malleys characters have an effect on people that is so strong, we need to be a part of it any which way we can. Online multiplayer or not, SPvTW is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of the canadien hopeless romantic 22 year olds.

Rating: Awesome