Scott Pilgrim has been one of those faces I couldn't seem to avoid. Every time I hopped onto I would see something about the artist, when I would walk passed the comic store, there were promotional posters, finally I saw a trailer for the movie. At that point I thought, okay why not? So I downloaded the trial. before 30 seconds passed by and I was already way into the game. I hadn't enjoyed beating strangers this much since TMNT on the SNES. I was suddenly drowning in mix of nostalgia and pure epic awesomeness.

The story is simple and dare I say heart-warming. It's far from cute and cuddly though, with adult themes subtly inching in and out as you play this rock'em-sock'em adventure. The challenge factor is definitely present, making this a game that can be conquered or played recreationally. The interesting and fun score to this game adds more or a classic feel with an amazing 8-bit soundtrack as well as clean sound effects. The controls are easy to pick up and learn, yet complex enough to separate  the boys from the men, so to speak. Adding your friends to the mix creates an entirely new experience as well. Team based fighting allows new moves and options through the experience.

Over all, this game blew me away. It was love and first sight. I'm just glad I don't have to beat up it's ex's to enjoy it.