• Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a hilarious,idiosyncratic gem of a game! I'm happy to say that the game dose deliver a punch to fans who are into brawl,action,and humor.The story starts out like any other story "Boy meets Girl, boy loves girl ,and boy must defeats seven Evil-Ex boyfriends to win girl's heart.Yep like any other story.No the starts out with Scott Pilgrim, a middle age man who went out to a party and saw the girl of his dreams.Ramona Flowers plays the damsel in distress and she too fell in love with Scott.So whats the problem? In order to win her heart, Scott must defeat seven Evil dudes that had an relationship with Ramona.So It's a delight to be part of that action.It also been to sight for the creator Bryan Lee O'Malley who created such a book,who knew that It would be such a BIG hit  that it would become a movie and now a game! 

The game will be fun for you and three other local/online players.So Scott Pilgrim is not the only hero out there,you will also get to play as Ramona,Kim Pine,and Stephen Stills.If you don't know any of these names you haven't read the book,but everyone of those players have a different unique way of fighting so you'll want to try all of them.Ubisoft is at it again with Scott pilgrim vs. The World and not bad ether since the game is a eight bit 2D adventure game. Lots you can expect from this game,try to get in to it! 


Jacob Pena