Pity the unfortunate souls who live in the near future. They’re almost always living under a militaristic rule, with constant surveillance, and intrusive technology. It’s kind of like now, but definitely worse. Black Wing Foundation’s upcoming action game Scivelation takes place in that era, and it looks to contain all the things that we all know and love, with the addition of religious fundamentalism.

We start our demo off with a long shot of heroine Alicia in the shower while getting a mission briefing. She’s apparently a fan of multitasking. Her specialty is stealth, and she wears the standard-issue skimpy female assassin outfit. Players can also choose to play as Mikhael, who plays more of a run-and-gun role in combat. We didn’t get to see him in the demo though.

The game looks like a fairly ordinary third-person shooter. Alicia has to take out some guards in a futuristic city while remaining inconspicuous. She can drop down ledges and vault back up, as well as turn completely invisible for a short time. That ability comes in handy when she needs to scurry up a building’s drainpipe near guards. Those guards seem to be pretty dopey at this point in development, gathering around a comrade who was thrown to his death moments earlier without even thinking of looking up.

The most interesting thing about the game seems to be the references to religious fundamentalism in the game’s world. In a move that’s bound to make some folks uncomfortable, it just so happens to be based on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any of the game’s more unconventional aspects in action. TopWare says that the game still has another year of development time, so we’ll certainly see it again several more times before it releases. I hope by then we see evidence that it’s more than just another futuristic shooter with a few Jesus references tossed in.