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Saints Row: The Third Sex Doll Locations

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third Sex Doll Locations

Sex Doll Locations

  1. Sex Doll – Find the bunch of sex dolls near the water, underneath a concrete balcony, sitting near a bench. The dolls are east of Angel’s Casino, just south of the center bridge.
  2. Sex Doll – Find this bunch of sex dolls in the southern west corner of the center island of Steelport. The dolls are located in an alley between two buildings.
  3. Sex Doll – These dolls are in a dead-end alley, west of the arena in the center building. Start at the southern edge of the arena, cross the street to the west, and look in the first alley between buildings.
  4. Sex Doll – The dolls are north of the park, just across the street from the two large parallel buildings in the center island of Steelport. Cross the street while standing at the northeast corner of the left building, and you’ll find the correct building. The dolls are on the roof, you’ll need a flying vehicle to get these dolls.
  5. Sex Doll – In the center island, move north to the west docks from the central highway cutting through the island. Check the concrete alcoves looking over the docks to find the dolls.
  6. Sex Doll – These dolls are on the roof of a building in the center island, in the northeastern corner. The building is just left of the three-way junction in the northeastern corner.
  7. Sex Doll – The dolls are on the ground in the northwestern corner of the airport, just above where the two runways intersect. You’ll find the airport in the northern section of the eastern island.
  8. Sex Doll – The next set of dolls are above the tangle of roads right in front of the airport, on a road that cannot be reached without a helicopter or VTOL.
  9. Sex Doll – Southeast of the airport, you’ll be able to enter a clothing store called Leather and Lace. You’ll find the sex dolls inside.
  10. Sex Doll – These dolls are in the fenced backyard of a home in the center of the eastern Steelport island. Find the house to the right of the T-junction, north of the Meth Lab 1.
  11. Sex Doll – This set of dolls is in the underground highway tunnels beneath the suburban homes on the eastern island of Steelport.
  12. Sex Doll – These dolls are off the eastern road of the Power Plant, located in the northern section of the western island. The dolls are outside the plant, in the grass, at about the halfway point of the road.
  13. Sex Doll – Another set of roof sex dolls, cross the street just southeast of the Friendly Fire, it’s the first building you hit. Use a helicopter of VTOL to get on the roof, and look for a set of stairs leading down.
  14. Sex Doll – Find these dolls in the fenced backyard of a home just across the street, northeast, of the Red Onion Herb Dispensary.
  15. Sex Doll – These dolls are south of the Red Onion Herb Dispensary, east of the road between some suburban homes.
  16. Sex Doll – Move east from the previous dolls and search in a trashcan near a power-line tower. You’ll find these dolls south of Shaundi’s Ex’s home.
  17. Sex Doll – South of the previous dolls, there’s a small island connected to the highway leading south. Check near the base of the power-line tower to find the dolls.
  18. Sex Doll – Follow the railway cutting through the southwestern island of Steelport to find an empty railcar with a few pallets and barrels on top. The dolls are on the flatbed railcar.
  19. Sex Doll – Starting at the Factory and Crackhouse, follow the road west and follow the road as it turns north. As you reach the intersection, look left for a cluster of buildings. The dolls are sitting behind the building just west of the road.
  20. Sex Doll – Across the street from Let’s Pretend, you’ll find a large warehouse with flatbed trucks parked outside. Search the flatbeds, you’ll find the dolls ontop of a truck with a red shippin container.

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