I must admit, I was planning on totally overlooking the whole Saints Row series, but then THQ had their glorious Humble Bundle right before their company met its ultimate demise. The small price point allowed me to finally give a series I had heard so much about a try. It did not disappoint.

Saints Row: The Third found itself taking up a sweet spot in my heart. This game may never win awards for having the deepest of plots or including decisions that really make you challenge yourself as a human, but it accomplished what I think it set off to do: make the player have an enjoyable experience and have a lot of fun doing it. At first, I was expecting a total Grand Theft Auto clone (well, it is an open-world sandbox set in a large city after all) but with Saints Row: The Third's ability to make even the most serious of experiences ridiculous, it really sets itself apart from any other game that I've played.

Before playing the game, I watched a few trailers just to see what I was getting myself into. I saw zombies, futuristic fighter aircraft and weapons, angry Luchadors attacking a wrestling ring en masse, and something that looked like Tron. My immediate reaction was assuming that all of these things were from DLC that I would be pestered to buy later. Oh how wrong I was. Simply put, this game is ridiculous and it knows it, takes it, and embraces it. I found myself constantly wanting to learn what the next mission held in store. Because of this, I often skipped over the side missions that would allow my Saints to expand their turf until very late in the game. Some of these side missions did prove to be mindless fun (I mean, who wouldn't want to tear around town in a tank or take part in some bizarre mascot shooting spree in an indoor arena?) but over time, some did prove to be a little annoying and monotonous. I do need to say though, where this game truly shined were during set-piece music sections. Whether it was blasting some Kanye West as you claimed your new penthouse or singing along with your homie, these set-piece moments really did a good job of bringing you into the world.

Simply put, if you were to create a list of all of the awesome things you could think of, and then put them together in one game, that game would be Saints Row: The Third. It's a somewhat quick experience, but you'll be left more than satisfied with your stint of mindless action that will garner more than a few laughs.