There really were very few moments during this game when I wasn't laughing my butt off. I'll go ahead and say it right now- the occasional glitchiness during missions gets annoying, but the reasonable checkpoints cut down on the headaches of that A LOT (MUCH better than the predecessor!!).


This game is fun. Pure, gonzo, insane fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and... I really can't say it better than:  IT'S JUST FUN!! It's quite easy, and one could probably knock out the main storyline in a Monster-fueled weekend. But take your time. Enjoy the side-missions, because some of them are really fun! Play dress up- run through town with some of the crazier costumes on. Let the screen idle for awhile and just listen to the crazy stuff the protagonist says. There's just a LOT to enjoy here, so make the best out of it!