I've heard a lot about Saints Row: The Third, but I hadn't played it before this morning. I've always liked Open-World/Sandbox games, but when the first Saints Row came out, I immediately thought of it as a Grand Theft Auto wannabe. And honestly, it was. The second one strayed a little bit from the Grand Theft Auto wannabe, but it was still a wannabe. 

Saints Row: The Third, however, gave me a surprise. Wacky, outrageous, crude, humorous, ridiculous, insane, and creative are all words to describe this game.

The change of scenery is nice, because Stilwater was getting old. The graphics are amazing, and it has great music. Me and my friend (who's copy I was using to play) were singing along to "Love is, it's what I got! I said remember that!" The weapons are nice, and there never is a moment where I am bored.

With all that being said, Saints Row still has a while to go before it can compete with Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto still has the upper-hand, but Rockstar better start playing some cards before Volition can have the chance to catch up.