From the very beginning of the bank heist to the end, this game is amazing!

With plenty of comic humor, weird weapons (The Penetrator, anyone?), equally weird characters, and a lot of content, Saints Row the Third is worth getting back into.

The graphics are phenomenal and shows just how "serious" this game is going to get. AI is improved from before and thats saying a lot! Weapons have even more variety (but the cooler ones are only available as DLC...whats up with that?) and cars have depth.

The game is extremely wild, as one moment you have to jump from a plane and fight in mid-air and the next you try to take down a military base. You get to face roided-up gangsters and techno-heavy thugs who carry electric shock scythes. Yup, no joke.

However, about 70% of the game feels like another sandbox genre, which is a TINY bit of a letdown.

Overall, a 9.5/10. This game proves that Saints Row has a great future ahead of them.