Let's see... if you like South Park plus dildos, plus GTA concept, plus good music with some that sounds like ***, then add a human like pink cat that is nearly immortal and you have the concept of saints row the third. Since coming to a new city the saints have evolved from the realistic gang into a media empire, even though you don't get a piece of any of that action. While the Genki pre-order was cool for the first 10 minutes it got boring... until I tried shooting people using nitro. With the addition of adding choices to someone actions while the concept is amazing at first but doesn't come up enough or important enough... until the ending which is amazing either way. The upgrade system is smoothly handled at first until you get to the upper levels where you could have no bullet damage, as much as these upgrade were I had to refrain from them to play the game like its supposed to be played. All of the weapons handle smoothly including the laser weapons though seemingly awesome don't have the same kick as a regular rifle or shotgun. The VTOl is offically the best way to get around even though people are obsessed with the specter. The Condor could have been cool except it takes five hits and pretty much dies. Activities return and this time and instead of awarding much respect offers mostly cash and hood awards. My favorite type of these was protecting someone as this was like a cut scene but try it out with different voices and sexes and you'll find the amount of audio is quite considerable. Cars return of course but unlike the last game it is much harder to mix up a luxury car with a sports car, but my favorite ground vehicle had to easily be temptress, as its handling is impressive even while using nitro. The one thing that disapointed me was that some characters might be part of the story for 5 missions but the nearly the rest of the game they just don't do anything.  But besides that and a few lack of mission (Not really but I was just craving more) but the amount of guns disapointed me and I also wish that they would branch with the uprgade instead of mindlessly doing it.