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Saints Row: The Third

New Saints Row Videos Include Dev Diary, Mascot Murder

Last spring, we gave you a month's worth of information on the upcoming Saints Row: The Third. We mentioned the Deckers gang, but didn't have much information to go off of. Now that the game is about a month away, the team at Volition is opening up a bit more. Check out the first video below to hear the team describe these tech-savvy gangsters.

After that, hit the video below it if you want to get another taste of the Saints brand of absurd humor.

  • First! hehe
  • Nice! this game looks like so much fun i cant wait to play it. Hopefully i will be able to take a break from Skyrim long enough to play this .
  • Saint's row will be so over the top it's by far one of the most outrageous games ever made.

  • The Deckers owe a lot to tron, huh? Still, nice that they're making gangs look different.

  • I can't wait to play it!

  • I want this so bad.....

    SR 2 was awesome, and this will be more then 20% cooler
    id say about 84% cooler
  • This game looks awesome! Still loving what I see in each trailer.

  • This or Skyrim? Classic open-world RPG, or batsh*t crazy, one-of-a-kind action open-worlder? **BRAAAHHHH**!
  • This game looks epic. It's really too bad that I'll have to wait to play it. Skyrim will be taking up most/all of my game time for the foreseeable future.

  • That mascot murder just convinced me to get this game.

  • please change the release date away from Nov. 15 i'll be to focused on Halo CE to pay attention to this great game

  • this  game   looks  cool!

  • Him shooting the mascot was hilarious and then finishes it off with a little pelvic dance. I died. Also, look at the detail of his jeans and muscles!!!

  • This game looks so good. This, Skyrim and Revelations will make November a living hell for me. Or should I say heaven?
  • Only a month away!! ( almost..) So many games are coming out.. I'm going to be broke come christmas..

  • You killer !!

  • That mascot video was hilarious. Love the taunting at the end.


  • this game is gonna get murdered when it releases. AFTER skyrim. AFTER MW3. AFTER uncharted 3. AFTER BF3.

  • This game looks f**king ridiculous! I want it so badly.  Are the first two any good?

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