Creating your own bizarre creations is one of Saints Row's most appealing draws (though drop-kicking pedestrians, ragdolling through car wrecks, and smashing planes into gas stations is pretty fun, too). Until Saints Row: The Third, however, these custom creations have essentially been quarantined from one another. That's about to change, thanks to the introduction of the new Initiation Station. Prepare yourself for a community infestation of epic proportions.

The tools are shown in the trailer below, but the gist of it is that after creating your perfect clone of Paul Bunyan, Herman Cain, or Ric Flair, you'll be able to upload it onto a community site. From there, other players will be able to rate your creation and download it into their version of Steelport. After seeing some of the freaks that Dan created during his review playthroughs, I can say with certainty that people should be afraid. Very afraid.