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Saints Row IV

New Saints Row IV Developer Diary Focuses On Characters

The latest developer diary for Saints Row IV covers the characters and their respective voice actors.

The video speaks with Troy Baker, who is quickly becoming the new Nolan North (or the other Nolan North) of video game voice actors, Daniel Dae Kim, perhaps best known from LOST, Terry Crews, and Steve Jaros, creative director from Volition.

For more on Saints Row IV, check out the previous developer diary (and infographic), second developer diary, and our review for the game. Saints Row IV is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20.

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  • I wasn't really excited for Saints Row 3,5 to begin with. Now that the reviews are out, I'm even less excited. I'll just keep playing The Third's complete package I got from the Humble Bundle a while ago and then move on to the games I'm really looking forward to playing next week.
  • It's really weird seeing how ridiculous the series has become, looking at old Shaundi (voiced by Eliza Dushku) and new Shaundi (voiced by Danielle Nicolette).

    I had fun times with all, but SR2 is still my favorite.

  • Terry Crews is criminally underrated. Hilarious actor. Just thought I'd say that.
  • I'm not really one to care about graphics and all but this looks extremely horrible. Good to see however that they signed on a bunch of incredible talent to do the voice work. The game could be a hidden gem.
  • This game is so much fun.

  • Terry Crews! Oh, and look- Johnny Gat.

  • I was hoping this diary would be longer.. a little disappointed. Plus, now I can't preorder because I have to pay bills.. today is a depressing day indeed.

  • I'm curious about this game, since I've played and loved both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row the Third, but I just don't think it's worth spending $60 on. Maybe I'll rent it.

  • Can't wait for August 20th.
  • "I just thought you were really friendly and didnt like pants" ...of course.

  • Where was Sasha Grey at?

  • Terry Crews is awesome.

  • So excited about this game! The improvements they made on the characters are really good as well. Love steel port and am so excited to return to it!

  • Well I am still getting this game. Pre-ordered it and all. That is even with GTAV. Really reading comments still about this game and judgments. I just shake my head. Even more so those youngsters that judge a game by how it looks. I am sorry but if I recall there have been some games out there that look really pretty but they had lousy gameplay...if any at all.

    Sure SRIV is not a pretty game. Yet the controls are playable and so that is a good buy for me. As it comes down to gameplay in the end. G-A-M-E-P-L-A-Y. GAMEPLAY!