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Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Celebrates Independence Day With Profanity-Laden Speeches

Saints Row IV is all about the things America loves most – super-powers, violence against invading space aliens, and dressing like Uncle Sam while toting a gigantic flame-thrower/machine gun.

It's no surprise that Saints Row has put together a trailer to honor Independence Day. You can check out it below. The only question now, is who would win in a duel? The man pictured in the image above? Or mechanical Washington from Bioshock Infinite.

Saints Row IV is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20. For more on Saints Row IV, you can check out this ten-minute playthrough.

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  • Another awesome SR4 trailer! I'm terribly excited for this game.

  • Mod

    After this trailer, my thirst for this game has increased ten-fold. I mean, a darker mood? Spaceship battles? Text-based adventuring?! Now if only they added a toilet costume.

  • I don't know Kyle, mechanical Washington isn't too bad. Handy Man on the other hand...
  • If I didn't know any better, they seem to be taking quite a few jabs at Mass Effect. not that its a bad thing, because its hilarious. Either way, after playing The Third thanks to Playstation Plus, this whole series is now on my radar. just a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to this one.

  • Hail to the Saints baby

  • I refuse to watch trailers for this game...I'm so pumped for this game, that I don't want ANY sort of spoilers before I play it :P. I know next to nothing about this game, and I want to keep it that way. I'm doing the same for Dying Light and GTA V, so it's nothing personal :P.
  • Yeah, one of my wishes came true! (Ahem, Kinzie and the MC, I feel like an anime fangirl) Anywho, this looks like it will be crazier than SR3. But I laughed at SR2 a lot more. Hopefully SR4 will trump SR2 for laughter for me.
  • I would much prefer it if these guys followed Saints Row 2's formula and ignore Saints Row 3. I have hope for Saints Row IV but there is no way I'm buying this at full price. I'll wait for a price drop.
  • *sigh* you got me again, agegate

  • *sigh* you got me again, agegate

  • Down with anal probing oppressive overloads....this speech should have been used in Independence Day
  • God Bless America!!!
  • Ive never played the Saints Row series. Looking at the trailer, it seems comical. I mat try the 3rd to see if its worth getting into. Hopefully its still free on PS plus.
  • what is the big deal about this day ? sry am not american idk WTF this is
  • Haha, saw the T rating for the Dynasty Warriors trailer at the beginning, and wondered what had happened to my beloved Saints Row that it would fall so low as to get a T rating.
  • Spoken like a true president of the- er, um.. United Saints? :p
  • LOL

  • Insanity and freedom for all!!

  • haha. awesome!

  • I'm excited for this game. Good to see former THQ devs doing well after they were sold off.

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