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Paint The White House Purple In Saints Row IV

The upwardly mobile Third Street Saints have conquered Stilwater and Steelport, but apparently they had their eyes set on the highest office this whole time. In Saints Row IV, the gang takes over Washington D.C. and gets superpowers. At this point, why even bother arguing?

According to new publisher Deep Silver, the game starts with the Saints' leader elected president of the United States. Then there's an alien invasion, and the player is thrust into an alien-created simulation of Steelport. In that world, characters can use alien tech against their aggressors and even gain access to superpowers. You can see some of those in action in the announce trailer below, including flight, power dives, the ability to freeze opponents, and more.

The game is due out on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20.

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  • look at saints row 2. then look at IV. then look quickly again at two, then quickly back. i see no difference.

  • Anyone notice it said "Saint's RW?"

  • SomehowI am shocked and a little scared...

  • Gangbangers in the White House? It ain't right I tell you!
  • now this is the game!

  • Looks like another disappointment. Well, for me at least.

  • I'll give a new Saints Row game 1 more chance sence deep silver is in on this franchise i hope it'll be better than 3 cause i was disappointed with Saints Row The Third. Honestly to me Saints Row 2 is the best it got 2-16 multiplayer, it's a bigger map that's full of life lots to do & discover, better customization, has more to offer without having to buy 26 dumb DLC's only has 3 DLC's. Hopefully the same goes for Saints Row 4 cause if not im takin it back to gamestop to trade it so it collects dust on there shelves.!

  • What is this I don't even...

  • OMG!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!  Now that is over the top.

  • Hey, it's Adam Jensens sans the pointy chin.

  • The Saints Leader was elected president of the United States, Then there's an alien invasion in steelport.... They should be more creative with the I'll still play it an buy it's 25+ dlc's but when i beat it it's prolly goin to get boring real quick like saints row the third. In my opinion they should bring multiplayer back are atleast have 4 player co op.

  • This looks Insane, and looks really funny. Hope it's a great game.

  • Wasn't this originally supposed to be the "Enter the Dominatrix" DLC for Saints Row III?
  • saints row 3 wasnt as funny as i thot it would be

  • Wait wait wait. So what was a goofy crazy sandbox game has now become a goofy crazy superhero futuristic presidential sandbox game?

  • YES! More Saints Row! Bring it!

  • I remember when Saints Row was about being a gang & killing the other rival gangs & facing the cruelty of all sides actions. What the *** happened??!! Saints Row 3 - high tech super nerds, masked Mexican wrestlers, ridiculous missions & weapons, zombies, no drama, *** childish *** without story emotions! Saints Row 4 will be the same 100% diasappointment as 3!!

  • This sounds amazing!

  • saints row has to be over the top now bc it cant compete with the satisfying polished game play gta5 will have, and gta4 had. i hera alot of peple say they dont like gta4, it had flaws but was still awsome and still better than any of the saints rows games

  • Having played both, I prefer SR3. While they share many gameplay elements, the tone and overall sense of humor in SR3 beats out the slightly better side missions of SR2 personally. While they weren't perfect, I enjoyed the overall feel of them except for the escort missions. Volition never intended the two games to feel similar but instead decided to try something completely different in tone and design for SR3. You had missions that required you to streak as many people as you could in a short period of time, the mission where you freed Pierce from the mansion, and the early portions of the mission where you face the Decker's gang boss for example. Sure some story missions felt like expanded side missions and some missons fell flat at times, but the missions that challenged your skills or just made me laugh and enjoy myself made it worth it.