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Saints Row IV

Paint The White House Purple In Saints Row IV

The upwardly mobile Third Street Saints have conquered Stilwater and Steelport, but apparently they had their eyes set on the highest office this whole time. In Saints Row IV, the gang takes over Washington D.C. and gets superpowers. At this point, why even bother arguing?

According to new publisher Deep Silver, the game starts with the Saints' leader elected president of the United States. Then there's an alien invasion, and the player is thrust into an alien-created simulation of Steelport. In that world, characters can use alien tech against their aggressors and even gain access to superpowers. You can see some of those in action in the announce trailer below, including flight, power dives, the ability to freeze opponents, and more.

The game is due out on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20.

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  • i was wondering how they would top sr3 but this is far beyond what i thought but please bring back the fighting side mission from sr2 but if not i be happy with just all around better side missions its always just a few side missions that i just didnt want to do
  • Wow. The Sains guys even beat Mitt Romney to the punch!

  • Mod

    Was that a giant Saints Flow mascot boss fight? I think that was a giant Saints Flow mascot boss fight. Excuse me while I fanboy.

  • So basically.................... Saints Row is no longer about being a gang leader and taking over other peoples hoods.

  • The release date is August 23, 2013 not August 20, 2013.

  • Oh thats cool it comes out on my birthday!  

    Oh wait no it doesn't because I live in Britain, because *** posting European release dates! Ammiright you guys?

    (I dont really care) For all of us who live in third world Europe it comes out on the 23rd.  

  • Remember last week when Take-Two said they would never do biennial releases for Grand Theft Auto?  I love the Saint's Row games, but they could use a break of couple years, come back with something a bit more fresh.

  • why does it have to look the same as the third and be about an alien invasion? and most of all, please take it out of steeleport, i want a new place, stilwater was better than steeleport, otherwise, i'm happy about a new saints row

  • Oh dude.

  • I saw superspeed as an ability in the trailer as well, complete with a Flash costume variant as well.  Volition must like Desperado since they threw in a shot of a woman using a guitar case with a machine gun and rocket launcher in it.  I thought SR3 was already completely insane, but it looks Volition upped the ante with SR4 tenfold.

  • YAY!!!

  • I'm glad I live in a world where gta V and saints row IV are being realeased a month apart.

  • um... looks fun but this is just getting weirder by the second.

  • wait so its still in steelport? why not do a new map?

  • When THQ floundered, I was worried about this not happening. It's happening a lot sooner than I expected.

  • I liked all of the Saints Row games but this one sounds kind of... weird, like more weird than usual. I don't know, I might buy it just to keep with the collection.

  • I am so bloody happy I could pee!
  • Awesome news!  

  • Ahhh Yeah Baby. If it's as good as SR3 I'm buying it day one. Welcome back the headbanger gang leader with the British accent. XD

    I hope Zimos makes a cameo. :P
    Oh, and which adult film star will be promoting this game???