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Saints Row IV

Paint The White House Purple In Saints Row IV

The upwardly mobile Third Street Saints have conquered Stilwater and Steelport, but apparently they had their eyes set on the highest office this whole time. In Saints Row IV, the gang takes over Washington D.C. and gets superpowers. At this point, why even bother arguing?

According to new publisher Deep Silver, the game starts with the Saints' leader elected president of the United States. Then there's an alien invasion, and the player is thrust into an alien-created simulation of Steelport. In that world, characters can use alien tech against their aggressors and even gain access to superpowers. You can see some of those in action in the announce trailer below, including flight, power dives, the ability to freeze opponents, and more.

The game is due out on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20.

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  • Aliens... That's incredible. Super powers... Equally incredible. After watching the announcement trailer this looks to hold up the saints row lineage quite well, but it seems early for another game already. Maybe they should follow more of a Rockstar schedule. Haha

  • How long has it been since the 3rd? This seems really soon.
  • I just bought SR The Third: Full Package. I think that should keep me busy till this sees the light of day  

  • Mod

    will be getting.

  • It's a few months shy of two years since the third one. I hope they are not just rushing to get it out before the next gen systems get released. That seems like small development time, especially for an open world game.

  • I really didnt saw any improvements in graphics. It looks like a DLC to me..... But still getting it.

  • That trailer is amazing. I love SR3 and I cannot wait for this one. It has all the balls to the wall action and comedy that you just dont get from GTA anymore.

  • This pretty much looks like an expansion pack for SR3 instead of a full game. I hate it when devs push out new games without making any significant improvements to it.
  • Saints Row 4= Crackdown 3. I'll take an open world in which I'm god anyday. Thanks Deep Silver.

  • would get but GTA V will be better

  • This looks like an expansion pack!

  • *Facepalm*

  • Staff

    Alright, this looks like a lot of fun. Glad Volition is still hard at work!

  • awesome!

  • awesome!!!!!

  • Awesome I'm looking forward to this

  • Awesome!

  • This trailer was insane! Super excited for this next installment.

  • lol looks fun