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  • Blog Post: If it were a person, it'd be GTA's constantly drunk a good way.

    Every review I see about this game compares it to Grand Theft Auto in some way, and while I can see the parallels (both are open-world, modern day crime-fests), I have to strongly disagree. Saints Row has continued to evolve since its first title, starting as a series that was very comparable to GTA... More
  • Blog Post: Hilarious Ridiculousness...Slightly Flawed Design

    In reading other reviews, one thing is clear. People come into this game with the wrong expectations. Despite the seemingly popular belief, this is not a Grand Theft Auto Clone. Nor does it try to be. At least not anymore. This newest Saints game takes the ridiculous to even higher heights. From the... More
  • Blog Post: Absurdity and Fun Makes a Triumphant Return

    It's been a long time since I've actually played a "fun" video game and while there were other recent games that were definitely better than this one in terms of gameplay, plot, and overall entertainment, Saints Row IV proved that it doesn't need to be realistic or ground-breaking... More
  • Blog Post: The Saints Go Out On Top

    I try to judge most games based on the quality and effectiveness of their design, but sometimes I can't help but judge a game based on the number of irrepressible smiles it manages to stretch on my face. I'd like to think that factors such as originality, depth, and intelligent AI drive my critical... More
  • Blog Post: Saints Row IV

    Let me be clear- Saints Row: The Third was a game that I had thought did not require a sequel so relatively soon after its release, for more reasons than one. The first reason would be the sheer amount of content it already offered, and the premise that I'm sure much more could have been shoved into... More
  • Blog Post: Turn it up and Rip the Knob Off!

    I love when a game works extra-special hard to impress me, I may not have been very interested in the Saints Row series, but I gravitated towards the fourth entry almost immediately, and with the game finally in my possession, I can safely say that it’s not only everything I could’ve hoped... More
  • Blog Post: Superpowered Saints

    Saints Row IV makes up for what Saints Row the Third fell short on. It has a great story and hilarious moments, especially when Keith David is involved. Now there were some problems with my playthrough. Towards the end of the game, my game would crash. I didn’t let it effect my rating since it... More
  • Blog Post: The Saints got a super powered upgrade

    I always think to myself what does a game need above all else amazing visuals, great story, fantastic world, and while all of those are welcomed. The answer is that the game needs to be fun and I'm happy to say that Saints row 4 aces that. Now those other things I mention I'm not so sure if its... More
  • Blog Post: Trailers Don't Tell All...Saints Row IV Slapped Me For That

    Title says it all. Saints Row IV very much does not tell the whole story. You get that vague picture and then in somehow Saints Row Fashion, the story impresses. There are moments that you could not see coming and others most likely have but at the same time never the way you predicted. Story: Overall... More
  • Blog Post: Shenanigans abound, and it's awesome

    Okay, so I was counting down the days until this game came out, and boy oh boy was it worth it. I've never felt more godly in a video game before, and the new addition of superpowers is fantastic; you feel like you're the hero that the (simulated) city needs. The aliens are dastardly, and it... More
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