I always think to myself what does a game need above all else amazing visuals, great story, fantastic world, and while all of those are welcomed. The answer is that the game needs to be fun and I'm happy to say that Saints row 4 aces that. Now those other things I mention I'm not so sure if its great on those fronts.

 I,ll start with the gameplay which as I mention before is very fun. Its an open world which unfortunately is same city of Steelport from the third game instead of a new place. The open world is filled with stuff to do from the main story mission which are sometimes very crazy and side missions which are also fun  but sometimes repetitive to the very fun minigames like insurance fraud and mech mayhem. You do all these thing by using  a variety of sometimes wacky guns and super powers which seem to be a big focus of the game. Super powers are fun but seem to be more of a detriment to the game reasons being that a lot the time the camera cant keep up with super powers like super sprint and super jump and that super sprint kinda destroys the purpose of using vehicles. Now the visuals of the game are also not great but I usually don't hold that against a game.

Now the writing the main story starts off as you the leader of the saints becomes president of the United States of America and in your term aliens invaded and abduct lots humans inculding yourself and most of the other saints now to avoid spoilers that's all I'm gonna say. The writing is very funny even though it relies a little to much on references instead actually cleverness in its jokes. Now the finally is the soundtrack is just awesome music that they licensed for the game I dident hear a lot own created music in the game.

So in conclusion even with all its problems its still a fun game and worthy next iteration in the saints row series.