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Shenanigans abound, and it's awesome

Okay, so I was counting down the days until this game came out, and boy oh boy was it worth it. I've never felt more godly in a video game before, and the new addition of superpowers is fantastic; you feel like you're the hero that the (simulated) city needs. The aliens are dastardly, and it feels oh so satisfying to eliminate them. With the abundant powers at your disposal, it's truly up to you how you want to take them out. Feeling like ragdolling them around? Yep, it's possible. Having them dance off to death? Check. Setting them on fire? Yessir. As a Saints Row fan, this is the ultimate call back to prior entries: references to Ultor, the previous three gangs, etc. are plentiful. Heck, you even have pop culture references to boot! This really is a fitting end to the series, and what a ride it is.


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