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Saints Row IV

Four Famous Presidents Are Tearing Up Steelport

We already know that Volition is putting players in the Oval Office in Saints Row IV. Now the developer is pushing presidential role-playing a step or four further.

If you pre-order Saints Row IV at GameStop and grab your copy within two days of release, you’ll receive the Presidential Pack DLC, which includes the terrifying Point Break-like faces of Presidents George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. 

This pack is in addition to another free costume bundle that includes superhero-styled costumes called “The Iron Rogue” and “Queen Amazonia.”

Saints Row IV releases August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • As cool as Saints Row is, I think it was idiotic to release so soon to Grand Theft Auto V. People who can only choose 1 game will pick GTA ,heck Im sad I had to rent Last of Us to afford Grand Theft Auto V.

  • This calls for an uprising, just like the scandal with the rodeo clown.

  • I wish you could use Obamacare to poison rival gangs by selling tainted drugs..

  • Well........okay......

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  • all this dlc :s game hasnt even been released yet.

  • Obama? No thanks.

  • They should have just modeled it after the Racing Presidents gimmick done at Washington Nationals games- Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson, with Taft as an unlockable character. Also, make it impossible for you to win if you play as Teddy.

  • ahhhhh c'mon how about Ahmadi Nejad( Iran's former president)

    Quiet a charracter......

  • *facepalm* ugh

  • I'll  be dominating as dubya for sure.