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Saints Row IV

Four Famous Presidents Are Tearing Up Steelport

We already know that Volition is putting players in the Oval Office in Saints Row IV. Now the developer is pushing presidential role-playing a step or four further.

If you pre-order Saints Row IV at GameStop and grab your copy within two days of release, you’ll receive the Presidential Pack DLC, which includes the terrifying Point Break-like faces of Presidents George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. 

This pack is in addition to another free costume bundle that includes superhero-styled costumes called “The Iron Rogue” and “Queen Amazonia.”

Saints Row IV releases August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • If you play as Obama the NAACLP will sue you.
  • what no Andrew Jackson or Theodore Roosevelt
  • Why not have teddy roosevelt, andrew jackson, or ronald reagan instead of the economic destructo brothers Obama and Bush? Playing as those two i would hope the aliens would win!
  • i have no words and will not speak on this...

  • I likely won't use any of the presidential costumes, but the Iron Rogue and Queen Amazonia costumes have potential. Those faces are frightening btw.
  • Oh oh...... here comes the race profiteering with al Sharpton leading the charge......

  • Those presidents don't look to scale , G.W. is the shortest and Lincoln is the taller than him by 4".

  • STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obama's ears aren't big enough. Marin van Buren would look pretty funny as well though.

  • Is Honest Abe an elf? I must have missed that history class.
  • Dang, I would have liked Andrew Jackson or Theodore Roosevelt. Those two would have been awesome. It's also obvious they picked these because everyone knows who these four are. It's actually a little sad how many U.S. citizens can't even name at least 10 of their former leaders...My old high school and the area I live in are just sad examples.
  • What is his superpower? The sequester? The same that is apparently so devastating to our government's financial foundation that it is forcing him to deny veterans their medical coverage; all the while he takes himself on yet another multi-million dollar vacation and forgot his dog of which he has flown in on an osprey at taxpayer expense?

    Or is his superpower disappointment, or his lying prowess?
  • Ah, man, that's just Hillary-ous!!

  • If they're going to put an awful President like Obama in a video game, then they might as well make him look like he does in the political cartoons.

  • Hello  Hello hello we are the Ex Presidents

  • This does not make me excited for the game.

  • Haha, this should be interesting.

  • Good to see they got Obama's likeness right.

  • Be careful, see what they did to the rodeo clown?

  • As cool as Saints Row is, I think it was idiotic to release so soon to Grand Theft Auto V. People who can only choose 1 game will pick GTA ,heck Im sad I had to rent Last of Us to afford Grand Theft Auto V.