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Saints Row IV

Aliens Don't Stand A Chance Against This Super-Powered President

Saints Row IV's launch trailer begins with a Commander Shepard-like motivational speech. Then comes the excessive swearing.

If you haven't yet, read our review of the game, check out our Test Chamber, and then watch the launch trailer below. It features an eagle airplane, nods to Metal Gear Solid, and yes, the death of one unfortunate person wearing a hot dog costume.

You can pick up Saints Row IV today on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

  • No kangaroos!

  • "The game Australia didn't want you to play". Brilliant.
  • This is seriously outrageous, funny as hell though. This game will probably be fun as heck lol

  • Omg a MGS reference! They even put the exclamation mark
    Pre-ordered this gem so I cant wait to pick it up

  • About to pick up mine today....sorry Australia

  • I've always been interested in this title but the awesomeness of this trailer sold me. I'm totally buying this later this week!

  • Oh snap! Poor Australia! lol.

  • Okay, that was f&$king funny.

  • Hah I love this game :D <3!

  • Topless Shaundi on the magazine...does that mean no blurred out breasts or was that an oversight?

  • Got it at midnight, stayed up until 3:00AM playing. Its awesome!!
  • I am looking forward to playing this later today.

  • One live-talking hot-dog getting kicked in the face by a president with no pants on, that is.

  • No pants!

  • I picked it up at midnight and it was more than worth the wait. Got some time in last night and a little more today and I can say it is far more than what I expected. Once you get access to the jump and sprint powers, you can jump insane distances with a charged jump at the end of a sprint with a few upgrades to each. You could spend hours doing things in virtual Steelport without touching a main mission.
  • Sigh...I stay one on top are you don't get to talk-DEAL!
  • I picked up my Game of the Generation Edition of the game. It is so amazing. My plaque is numbered #1158.

  • LOL The jab at Australia was brilliant, freaking nanny state.

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